Matthew has just begun a PhD in History at the University of Cambridge as a Smuts Scholar. Under the supervision of Professor Alison Bashford, the Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial & Naval History, his research concerns Britain’s justification for the appropriation of land and sovereignty in colonial Australasia.

Born in Auckland in 1991, Matthew was educated at the University of St Andrews, where he holds an MA (Hons) in International Relations and Modern History. During his time at St Andrews, Matthew actively pursued his interests in world affairs by writing for the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Review, an entirely student-run and student-produced publication. He also holds an MPhil in Political Thought & Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge

Prior to starting his doctorate, Matthew served as the Editor for Learnerbly, an education technology platform launched by Rajeeb Dey.

Matthew’s identity as a New Zealander strongly influences his outlook on the world. He hopes to share this antipodean perspective with you through his various articles and interviews.

Matthew welcomes all inquiries related to his work.